Chorister Guidelines

We are delighted to welcome you as a member of the AGC! Please find following some important information about our classes as we endeavour to safely and efficiently manage 5500 choristers across our 29 rehearsal venues around the country. Should you have any further questions regarding your daughter’s involvement in the choir, please do not hesitate to contact our Head Office.

Venue Manager
At your rehearsal venue the Venue Manager is your first point of contact for weekly classes. The Venue Manager is responsible for the care and safety of all choristers and the administration involved with the participation in weekly classes. Venue Managers at our rehearsal venues do not have direct contact numbers for parents to call, however they have contact details of all enrolled choristers provided with enrolment and will contact you in the case of an emergency.

All AGC classes are run by music tutors. Each Tutor is responsible for teaching the AGC curriculum, ensuring choristers are engaging socially, and preparing choristers to perform in AGC concerts.

Attendance and Absences
Girls are expected to be in attendance at every rehearsal, however we recognise that on occasion girls may need to miss a class due to illness or a school/family commitment. Notification of absences can be given to your Venue Manager at the next rehearsal. You only need to contact the office for absences of 3 weeks in a row or from compulsory choir events.

Arrivals and Dismissals
Please ensure that your daughter arrives and is collected on time; choristers must be accompanied to their classroom. It is preferable that the girls arrive at their rehearsals between 5 and 10 minutes prior to the start time and no earlier.

It is not possible for us to allow parents to wait in indoor common areas of our rehearsal venues because of the agreements with venues we hire and because it impedes our ability to ensure the safety and security of choristers.

Please refer to our Venue Arrivals and Dismissals Procedure for more detail.

Health and Medical Action Plans
We ask that parents provide details of any pre-determined illnesses, including mental and physical health considerations. Some health matters such as asthma or anaphylaxis may require a specific action plan in case of emergency. Please refer to our Health Care Policy for full details.

All choristers are required to wear a weekly rehearsal uniform. Please visit the Uniforms page for information regarding uniform requirements and prices for each choir level. We recommend that all choristers try on sample uniforms at their venue before placing their order through the AGC Online Shop.

eNewsletter and AGC App

We distribute a monthly eNewsletter which contains all the relevant details about your daughter’s involvement in the choir. This will be sent to all parents who have provided an email address with enrolment, however if you would like to register additional recipients please complete the eNewsletter sign up form. You can access all previous issues of our eNewsletter on our eNewsletter Archives page. You can also download our free AGC App from the app store to have all the information at your fingertips.

Sheet Music and Display Folder
All choristers, except those in Piccolo and Vivo, will receive sheet music throughout the year. This music is on loan only and must be returned to the venue at the end of each semester. Girls are asked to bring a pencil and a display folder suitable for holding sheet music to each rehearsal. We have an AGC pencil, drink bottle, stickers and display folder which can be purchased through the AGC Online Shop.

Please note that many of our Tutors use iPads, smart phones, tablets and laptops to access sheet and recorded music in their classes. Should you have any concerns about this, please contact your state office.

Change of Details
Please notify our Head Office immediately if you have a change of email, address, home or mobile telephone numbers. Please also contact us if your daughter’s medical details change or details of a family court order need to be communicated.

Parents may choose to include their information in a carpool list. Please refer to the Terms of Enrolment for full carpooling conditions.


Please direct all financial questions to our Head Office.

Should your daughter no longer be able to continue with the choir, please notify Head Office. Please refer to the Terms of Enrolment for full details.

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