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Specialist Groups
Our specialist vocal and dance groups consist of auditioned choristers nominated by their tutor at the end of each year. Specialist groups are formed anew each year and auditions for these groups are held in February. Each week, in addition to their usual class, girls undertake an extra rehearsal to work on more complicated vocal repertoire or dance routines. Specialist groups involve choristers from all venues in each city, however this extra class is only held at the senior rehearsal venue in each state: Chatswood (NSW), Indooroopilly (QLD), Glen Osmond (SA), Kew (VIC) and Shenton Park (WA).

Audition Process and Selection
Noinated choristers audition in groups with peers of the same AGC level. Choristers are seen by two AGC staff members who have clear selection criteria for the audition and work hard to ensure every chorister has the best chance to represent themselves well. Acceptance into one of our specialist groups is restricted to those who audition and successfully meet all audition criteria. For our specialist vocal groups this includes an assessment of their vocal quality, ability to hold their voice part on their own and as part of a group, and their stage and presentation skills. For our specialist dance groups, this includes an assessment of their ability to grasp dance concepts, take direction and perform more complicated choreography.

If girls are unsuccessful in their audition for a position in one of our specialist groups, we encourage parents to contact the office to receive feedback on the audition and make the audition process a valuable learning experience.

The specialist vocal groups are:
Cantini (Melbourne and Sydney only)  – selected from Piccolo and Vivo Levels
Cantissimo – selected from Allegro and Avanti Levels
Canto – selected from Prelude and Concert Levels
Bel Canto – selected from Performing Choir

The specialist dance groups are:
Danzare – selected from Camerata
Ballare – selected from Performing Choir

We find that our focus on mentoring and role modelling is an aspect of our program that sets us apart from similar organisations. We strongly believe in fostering and developing leadership skills and as such, leadership opportunities exist at all levels of the choir. The leadership system is formalised in Concert Level where selected choristers are awarded the position of Concert Level Leader. In Camerata and Performing Choir, the leadership system continues with selected choristers being awarded the positions of Choir Leader, Dance Leader and various Section Leaders. These choristers are given responsibilities which include taking vocal warm ups, leading rehearsals and assisting staff at concerts and public performances. Leaders are role models for other girls and are encouraged to act as mentors to younger choristers.

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