Special Parts in AGC Concerts

Our vertical learning approach means that we are able to encourage all girls in their weekly classes – whether this is her first taste of the performing arts, or she has previous experience. While the primary focus of the choir’s program is on singing in community, there are many opportunities for girls to be recognised for their vocal and performance potential.

In-class Audition Workshop
All Tutors hold an In-class Audition Workshop in term 1 and then nominate a small number of girls from their class to attend a state audition to be selected for the Stellata class. During this workshop, choristers are asked to present a short speech, sing on their own, perform a dance routine and demonstrate musicianship skills through call and response activities – the content for the audition is learnt in class. All choristers are auditioned with their peers in a safe and supportive environment. While it isn’t possible to give every girl a special part in a concert, we are absolutely committed to giving all girls an opportunity to be heard individually and to develop solo singing and individual performing skills in class. Piccolo and Vivo Level choristers are involved in the junior@agc curriculum and therefore nominees will be selected based on their participation in regular class activities.

Stellata is a group that has been created for choristers who have been selected for a solo or special part in the Winter Showcase Concert or Annual Concert. In semester one Stellata rehearses in term 2 and is comprised of choristers from Piccolo to Concert Level who have been selected following the In-class Audition Workshop process. This is in preparation for the Winter Showcase Concert. In terms 3 & 4 the Stellata group is comprised of choristers from Piccolo, Vivo and our specialist groups Cantissimo and Canto. This is in preparation for the Annual Concert. As well as workshopping their individual special part, choristers acquire skills in performance and presentation, microphone technique, projection and characterisation. We are committed to sharing solo opportunities around but must also select girls who we believe can manage their nerves in front of a large audience in addition to having the skills to perform the song or speaking part. All girls have the opportunity to develop these skills as part of their classes and we assure you that they are heard individually in class.

Outstanding Potential Awards
All girls who audition for a special part are also considered for an Outstanding Potential Award which is presented at the Winter Showcase Concert. Outstanding Potential Awards are granted to choristers who show promising potential throughout all facets of the performing arts.

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