We are delighted to have launched an AGC App for smart phones and tablets through ‘Skoolbag’.

This exciting new App will be another way in which people can access information about the Australian Girls Choir and current chorister parents can receive live information about their daughter’s involvement in the AGC, in a clear and timely manner.

Our App includes Alerts, Events, Newsletters, News, eForms, Contact information and links to all of our Social Media accounts.

To get started with using the AGC App please follow these steps below:


  • 1 – Download the App through your device’s App store by searching ‘Australian Girls Choir’.

To view and download the app on the Apple App Store, click here.

To view and download the app on the Google Play App Store, click here.

For further information visit


  • 2 – In order to make sure you only receive the notifications relevant to your daughter’s state and level please click on ‘setup push notifications’ through the ‘more’ menu on the App footer


  • 3 – Click the menu heading (3 horizontal bars on the top left-hand side of the screen) to look at recently viewed or most viewed items, send us a photo, or review your ‘pins’. You can add news or event items to your ‘pins’ by clicking on the 3 dots with forward arrow at the bottom of the item. For many of these items you can also share to Facebook or Twitter.


  • 4 – If you are having any technical difficulties using the App we recommend you contact Skoolbag directly through Ph: 1300 661 031 or


We have had an incredibly positive response from App users so far, and we hope you enjoy using the AGC App too!