SA: In-Class Audition Workshop (Saturday venues)

SA: In-Class Audition Workshop (Saturday venues)

Allegro and Avanti Saturday venues.  Please note this will take place during regular class time.

Each year we undertake a thorough selection process to find girls to audition for special parts and solos in our mid-year concert. We aim to be subtle in our approach to selecting girls as some feel unnecessarily nervous or confronted by the idea of an audition, especially from the junior levels of the choir.

Since 2014 we have held an In-Class Audition Workshop to help expose girls in Allegro, Avanti, Prelude and Concert Level to the process of trying out for parts. While it isn’t possible for every girl to have a special part in the concert, we are absolutely committed to giving all of them an opportunity to develop solo singing and individual performing skills.

Please note that if a chorister is absent during this week, Tutors will hear them during class in the following week.


Feb 24 2018


09:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Regular rehearsal time and venue