Touring with the AGC in 2017

Touring with the AGC in 2017
March 1, 2017 Australian Girls Choir

Since 1989 the Australian Girls Choir has toured on thirty-eight occasions to destinations all over Australia and to every corner of the globe. We had a wonderful response to our invitation to tour this year and were delighted by the quality of the auditionees.

56 choristers will participate in our National Tour in June and July visiting Bendigo in Victoria and Launceston and Hobart in Tasmania over a two-week period. In September and October, another 62 choristers will participate in our USA Tour visiting San Francisco, Flagstaff (Grand Canyon), Phoenix, San Diego and Los Angeles for three weeks.

The girls will be performing with host choirs and schools and sightseeing along the way. We will keep you updated with information about our travel adventures in future eNewsletters.