Welcome from the CEO

Welcome from the CEO
January 31, 2018 Australian Girls Choir

Dear Parents and Girls,

In mid January the state based and national team members responsible for running the Australian Girls Choir got together to review 2017, learn new skills and develop detailed plans for 2018.  It is my very great pleasure to work closely with these creative, passionate, determined, talented and dedicated people.  I have every confidence that we can provide a positive learning environment for all of our girls and thank you for choosing to make the AGC part of your lives in 2018.

We regularly seek feedback from parents and staff members about ways to improve the running of this organisation and I invite you, at any time in the year, to contact us when you want more information or wish to offer input.

The parent survey is distributed each year in October and we take seriously all of the information we gather.  The constructive criticism was considered by our management team at our recent meetings and we used that along with the positive feedback to guide future planning.  In 2017, 91.2% of the nearly 1800 respondents reported that they were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their experience of the AGC.  We are really pleased to read the many compliments we receive and this one covers so many of our aims and reasons for being that I thought I’d share it with you:

“AGC is a wonderful and professional organisation. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her time in her AGC classes – they’re incredibly fun, while also giving an extensive musical education, within a group environment. I love that AGC is classy, and age appropriate. Most importantly, my daughter walks out energised and with a huge smile on her face after every class and performance!”

Please stay informed about all things AGC via your eNewsletters, the website, AGC AppInstagram and Facebook. For those of you who are yet to learn about other ASPA (Australian School of Performing Arts) related activities please do:

  • Check out ASPA Education as we offer a wide variety of programs nationally including: professional development for teachers, music and dance classes in schools and alternative education settings sessions, and
  • Read about Girls from Oz – this is the charity partner to the AGC and is a program in which many of our team members work with Indigenous girls in remote parts of Australia.

On behalf of my co-directors Judith Curphey and Jane Curphey and our national team, I welcome you to 2018 with the AGC. We all sincerely hope that you will enjoy being part of the AGC community this year.

Nicole Muir AM