Welcome from the CEO

Welcome from the CEO
January 28, 2020 Australian Girls Choir

Dear Parents,

We are passionate about providing high quality performing arts education in a creative and friendly environment and we sincerely hope that all girls will thrive as members of the Australian Girls Choir.  If this is your first year with us, welcome and thank you for choosing to include us in your daughter’s education.

“She originally started during her Prep year at school. It wasn’t the smoothest start to her schooling life that year for various reasons and I was looking for a ‘group’ outside of school for her as a balance to her school-life. We tried other activities and  various sports and finally we tried AGC which was very local to us and it was a perfect fit for her. Next year she’s coming back for her 9th year in choir! She calls it her ‘home’.”

For those of you who are returning, thank you for continuing to trust us to complement your daughter’s schooling and family life as we all aim to grow this generation of girls into strong and confident young women.

We are genuinely interested in feedback from longstanding and new parents and girls so please do not hesitate to make contact with us if there is something you wish to discuss.  We’re delighted that over 90% of the nearly 2,000 people who responded to our survey, report being satisfied or very satisfied with their experience of the AGC.  We are very interested in knowing about the difficulties parents encounter with the way we run the AGC and have reviewed issues raised such as the way we organise events and communicate information.  While the requests for changes are few and the compliments are many, I assure you that we are consistently aiming to improve the management and artistic standard of the choir and you help us to do that.

Please stay informed about all things AGC via your eNewsletters, the website, Instagram and Facebook. For those of you who are yet to learn about other ASPA related activities please do:

  • Check out ASPA Education as we offer a wide variety of programs nationally including: professional development for teachers, music and dance classes in schools and alternative education settings, and also corporate workshops, and
  • Read about Girls from Oz – this is the charity partner to the AGC and is a program in which many of our team members work with, mostly Aboriginal, girls in remote parts of Australia.

On behalf of the ASPA Board, I wish you and your daughter a very enjoyable year with the AGC.

Nicole Muir AM