Joining the agc

How are the agc levels structured?

There are eight levels in the AGC, divided into three main groups:

Our junior@agc classes provide girls with an introduction to the performing arts. Levels include:

  • Piccolo – entry in Kinder/Prep/Pre-Primary/Reception and Grade 1
  • Vivo – entry in Grade 2

Our AGC training levels allow girls to take the next steps in their performing arts education, building their musicianship and confidence. Levels include:

  • Allegro – entry in Grades 3 and 4
  • Avanti – entry in Grade 5
  • Prelude – entry in Grade 6
  • Concert – entry in Grade 7 and above

Girls who reach Concert level are eligible to audition for our senior performance levels, which include:

  • Camerata
  • Performing Choir

View our AGC brochure for more information.

Does my daughter need to audition to join the choir?

We do not require girls to undertake an audition to gain a place within the junior@agc or training levels of the choir; instead we prefer girls to come along and try a lesson in the relevant class for their age. We have an inclusive policy and our classes are designed to cater for varying abilities and experience levels. It is our philosophy that all girls can learn to sing given encouragement and training, and we aim to make music learning a positive and enjoyable experience.

Girls who reach Concert choir and would like to continue their journey with the AGC are welcomed to audition for our senior performance levels (Camerata and Performing Choir). Entry to these levels is not guaranteed after completing a year in Concert level; however we encourage all girls to audition.

How does my daughter become part of one of the Senior Performance Groups?

It is standard for girls to spend one year in each of our Training Levels before progressing up to the next class. When girls reach Concert Level – our highest Training Level – they are eligible to audition to become part of Camerata, one of the Senior Performance Groups. Entry into Camerata is in part based on recommendations from each chorister’s tutor and is limited to those who successfully meet all audition criteria, including an assessment of vocal quality; level of independence when holding a vocal part; ability to absorb and perform complicated dance routines; general musicianship, stage and presentation skills, as well as their social readiness and ability to work within a team. It is normal for girls to spend several years in the Concert Level so that they are prepared for the advanced activities of our Senior Performance Groups. After completing at least one year in Camerata, choristers are then invited to audition for Performing Choir. Girls may remain in the Senior Performance Groups until they complete Year 12.

What happens in a trial class?

Girls are encouraged to attend a free trial class before joining, which will provide a taste of the sort of activities we offer. Parents are also welcome to watch the first part of this class however we prefer that after 10 – 15 minutes you leave your daughter to participate in the remainder of the lesson by herself. It’s not necessary for girls to prepare anything for this class and your daughter will not be required to sing by herself. She will be ‘buddied’ up with one of our current choristers and will participate in the class activities with the other members, allowing her to get a real feel for what weekly classes are like.

Please contact us to organise a free trial class

Where are the classes held?

Classes operate in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney at various locations. We encourage you to attend the rehearsal venue most convenient for you. View our AGC brochure for more information.

What is the commitment required?

We aim to keep the commitment to a weekly class as well as one or two additional rehearsals prior to the mid year and end of year performances. Choristers in the Training levels (Allegro, Avanti, Prelude and Concert) attend a one-day weekend Music School in Term 2 where these girls have the opportunity to work with performing arts specialists in more detail than is covered in weekly classes.

What are the costs involved?

Annual fees in the training levels range from $690 to $1290 depending on the choir level and length of rehearsal each week. Pro rata fees are applied for enrolments throughout the year.

Tuition fees include:

  • The cost of weekly classes and combined rehearsals
  • Music bag
  • Sheet music (Allegro level and above)
  • Involvement in a Music School (one day for Allegro level to Concert level, a weekend for Camerata and Performing Choir)
  • Performance costume (Prelude level and above)

In addition to the annual tuition fee, parents are also required to purchase uniform items. Please visit the uniform information page of the AGC Online Shop for more details. There is also a 2nd hand uniform list available for parents to access upon request.

Additionally, all choristers perform in two concerts each year.

  • Our Winter Showcase Concerts are held in June and ticket prices range from $27 – $38.
  • Our Annual Concerts are held in November at Melbourne Hamer Hall, Robert Blackwood Hall, Sydney Opera House, The Concourse Chatswood, Perth Concert Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Canberra Girls Grammar School and the Adelaide Town Hall. Ticket prices range from $36 – $60.

Please note choristers do not require a ticket.

View our AGC brochure for more information regarding the costs involved.

What uniform items are required, and how can I purchase them?

Choristers in the AGC are known for their excellent presentation and we encourage girls to take pride in their appearance.

Each level of the choir has specific uniform requirements. Most uniform items are compulsory, while some are optional. Discounts are offered when purchasing the uniform as a set.

Please see the Uniform Information page of the AGC Online Shop for the specific requirements for your daughter’s level.

Uniforms may be purchased from the AGC Online Shop and will be delivered to your daughter’s AGC rehearsal venue within 3-4 weeks.

Is there a costume for concerts and performances?

Girls in Piccolo and Vivo levels wear a party dress (or skirt and top) for the end of year performance.

Girls in Allegro and Avanti levels wear their rehearsal uniform the mid-year performance, and a white dress or skirt and top (not supplied) for the end of year performance.

Girls in Prelude and Concert levels are provided with a performance costume to wear on stage. There is no additional cost for the Prelude and Concert level costumes but girls in these levels are required to purchase jazz shoes to wear at weekly rehearsal and performances.

Girls in Camerata and Performing Choir wear black costume pants and a pink (Camerata) or purple (Performing Choir) costume top. Choristers will be fitted for performance costume pants and tops at the beginning of the year. Costume pants may be purchased via the AGC Online Shop. The costume top is on loan and will be distributed to choristers at the beginning of the year.

Please view the AGC Current Chorister Handbook for more details.

How do we enrol?

If you’re yet to try a free class at your local rehearsal venue, we encourage you to Contact Us to arrange this. Once you have tried out one of our classes, please contact our Enrolment Department who will guide you through the registration process. View our Steps to Join page for more information or enrol online today!

Do we need to go on a waiting list for classes?

Some classes have waiting lists if the class capacity has been reached. If we are unable to offer your daughter a position at your preferred venue you may choose to place her on our waiting list for the next available position.

What happens if she changes her mind after we enrol?

We encourage all girls to try a free class before enrolling, so that they will have the chance to experience the type of activities we offer. We have a resignation policy included in our Terms of Enrolment for enrolled choristers in case they need to discontinue for any reason. We ask that you contact your state office to notify them of your daughter’s resignation. The fees will be calculated including the full current Term and a $20 administration fee will be applied – any excess will be refunded.

Class Information

What is included in the curriculum?

At junior@agc and the Training Levels we adopt a vertical teaching approach which means that there is a mixed age group at every level. Our curriculum includes singing fundamentals, movement and dance, musicianship and aural development, theatrical communication and drama basics, performance practice and team building. Our approach to training girls of all ages includes making extra opportunities available to those who excel.

What happens in weekly classes?

Weekly classes focus on developing performing arts skills in a nurturing and playful environment. Each lesson will see girls develop vocal and musicianship skills through a variety of warm-ups and technical exercises, rounds, singing games, fun songs, and learning repertoire for the mid-year and end-of-year performances. In addition to singing, our classes include movement activities and choreography, drama and speaking exercises, and team-building games.

Will my daughter have a chance to perform on stage?

All of our choristers take part in our mid-year ‘Winter Showcase Concert’ and end-of-year ‘Annual Concert’. Concerts are held in major venues in each city including the Adelaide Town Hall, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Canberra Girls Grammar School, Hamer Hall in Melbourne, Perth Concert Hall and the Sydney Opera House.

By performing with their level group as well as in the massed finale, choristers feel comfortable performing on stage even at a very young age and find the concert experience to be a lot of fun! In addition to these performances, parents are invited to attend a demonstration lesson in Terms 1 and 3 at rehearsal venues to see a regular class in action.

What sorts of songs will my daughter sing?

Each year our team of music educators and conductors from around the country gather to select songs that will appeal to the choristers at each age level; their parents come concert time; event organisers for public engagements; and our staff team who work with the repertoire to create wonderful educational and performance opportunities for the girls.

The Australian Girls Choir is renowned for its entertaining, colourful, choreographed performances and our repertoire needs to be extremely diverse to meet all of our aims. In previous years choristers at various choir levels have sung:

  • A medley of songs from the blockbuster The Greatest Showman
  • ‘Jellicle Songs For Jellicle Cats’ and ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats
  • Songs written especially for our younger levels on the themes of the beach – ‘Between the Flags’, and sheep – ‘All’s Wool that Ends Wool’
  • Our senior choristers have even managed to fit ‘A Chorus Line Medley,’ Bulgarian song ‘Kaval Sviri,’ gospel tune ‘I Sing Because I’m Happy,’ ‘Nella Fantasia’ and ‘We Go Together’ from Grease into the one program!

How many students are in each class?

Each level of the choir has a class capacity that is strictly adhered to. In our junior levels, class sizes are lower as girls are developing new skills, building confidence and singing mainly in one part. In our more senior classes, the girls’ skills have developed to include complicated choreography and harmony singing, and this requires a larger group.

Class sizes for each level are set at the following capacities:

  • Piccolo Level: 25
  • Vivo and Allegro Levels: 30
  • Avanti and Prelude Levels: 35
  • Concert Level: 40

In addition to the girls’ class tutor, each venue has a manager who is responsible for overseeing the safety and wellbeing of our choristers.

Do parents receive progress reports?

We do not issue written reports, however our tutors maintain progress records of each chorister’s development and are always happy to speak with parents at the rehearsal venue about their daughter’s progress. More information can be found in the AGC Chorister Handbook, or alternatively you can Contact Us at our Head Office at any stage for further information.

My daughter seems to be displaying quite a lot of potential, are there any opportunities for extension?

Girls in the choir have many opportunities to be recognised for their vocal and performance potential.

In February each year, girls are invited to audition for specialist groups, which include:

  • Cantini – selected from Piccolo and Vivo levels
  • Cantissimo – selected from Allegro and Avanti levels
  • Canto – selected from Prelude and Concert levels

These groups rehearse for one hour each week in addition to regular classes. All AGC concerts feature small groups of girls and soloists who rehearse their special speaking and singing parts in the Stellata class formed twice each year. More information about extension opportunities can be found in the AGC Chorister Handbook.

Where does your staff come from?

We are very proud of our vibrant and engaging staff team who all teach for the AGC in addition to their own busy and varied full time activities; some are school music teachers, private vocal teachers, professional performers, and tertiary performing arts, music or education students. Many of our staff were once members of the choir themselves and all undertake regular professional development and training in the AGC curriculum.

My daughter is quite shy, how do you think she will go?

Singing or dancing in a group is a wonderful alternative for young girls who enjoy the performing arts but don’t want too much limelight! At the AGC we aim to provide an excellent performing arts education for girls but we also know that the ‘hidden curriculum’ – enhanced confidence, self esteem, public speaking skills, discipline, presentation and team work – is a highlight for parents looking to provide their daughters with important life skills. By providing a nurturing group environment all AGC girls are encouraged to fulfil their potential whether their strength lies in singing, dancing, drama, performance or all of the above!

Will my daughter get to travel with the choir or appear on television?

Choristers in our senior performance groups (Camerata and Performing Choir) are invited to perform at many additional engagements each year, which range from television appearances to sporting events to high profile public events. Visit our Latest News page to find out more about recent events our choristers have been involved in.

Each year we tour nationally and internationally, and choristers in Concert level, Camerata and Performing Choir are invited to audition for involvement in these tours. Touring is not a compulsory element of involvement in the choir, however is certainly something that many choristers work towards when they reach these senior levels. View our Current Chorister Handbook for more information.


We can't commit to a weekly class, are there any other options?

Absolutely! ASPA – The Australian School of Performing Arts runs school holiday workshops which are great fun and cover a range of performing arts activities over a two day period. Visit the ASPA website for more information.