AGC Senior Performance Groups

Our Senior Performance Groups are accomplished young performers, who dazzle audiences at high profile events.

The Senior Performance Groups are:

Performing Choir

Whereas entry to the junior@agc and AGC Training Levels is inclusive and open to all girls, entry to our Senior Performance Groups is based on a singing and dance audition. Girls who have spent at least one year in Concert level are invited and encouraged to audition. More information about the audition process can be found in the Current Chorister Handbook.

The curriculum in our Senior Performance Groups includes advanced part singing, complex dance routines and staging, drama and theatrical interpretation, music literacy, presentation and performance skills. Girls enjoy learning a challenging and diverse repertoire in an environment that celebrates and fosters individual talent, whilst placing emphasis on teamwork and effort.

Girls in the Senior Performance Groups have the opportunity to perform in many high-profile events throughout the year. After leaving the choir, many ex-choristers often comment that they can’t believe the opportunities they had to perform with so many media and showbusiness personalities, and at so many prestigious venues and events. We are incredibly proud of the standard of performance our senior choristers achieve, and appreciate the hard work and focus they put in to attain such results.

Leadership positions are offered to choristers in our Senior Performance Groups each year. The AGC has always had a focus on mentoring and role modelling, and we find this is an aspect of our program that sets us apart from similar organisations. Girls who are selected as leaders are role models for other girls, and are encouraged to act as mentors for younger choristers.