How to Raise Confident Girls in 2024

How to Raise Confident Girls in 2024
January 24, 2024 AGC

How to Raise Confident Girls in 2024

In a digital world where children as young as eight are using social media on a regular basis and validation is reinforced with ‘likes’, raising confident young girls with positive self-esteem is a challenge that parents are facing more than ever in 2024.

Studies show that girls’ confidence tends to fall below boys’ from about the age of nine, and the gap doesn’t close until they are elderly. The good news is that confidence can be learned, regardless of what age we start from. For 40 years, the AGC has helped build confidence in thousands of girls by empowering them to find their voice in a supportive and nurturing all-female learning environment. So how does singing in a choir for girls transform even the shyest of girls into self-assured young women? Read on to discover how we do it!

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Striving towards individual and shared goals 

There’s no denying that achieving a goal or overcoming an obstacle fuels a sense of confidence and satisfaction. Over the course of the year at the AGC, girls are encouraged to set new individual challenges for themselves, as well as take on shared challenges in their weekly classes. Whether it be acing new choreography, singing a solo, learning a complex harmony or finding the courage to perform in front of an audience, our curriculum is designed to cultivate a growth mindset amongst choristers. From the outset, our youngest junior@agc choristers develop a foundation of performing arts skills and work towards the shared goal of delivering a performance in front of an audience.

“For someone who was so timid to someone that loves to be part of everything centre stage – it has been quite a journey. AGC doesn’t impart just a pre-determined course… it works on bringing out the different best things in each child.” – NSW Parent 

Through our AGC Training Levels, girls in Grade 3 and above build their musicianship, discover part singing, learn new repertoire, and extend themselves vocally in preparation for two concerts. Our Senior Performance Groups take this one step further, with advanced part singing, complex dance routines and staging, drama and theatrical interpretation and music literacy with three concerts and multiple public performance opportunities to work towards. Regardless of year level, hard work is celebrated and recognised by our tutors, further cultivating a growth mindset and giving our choristers the confidence to embark on the next challenge.

“The concert performances and integrative year levels are also of great benefit – confidence building, working within teams, aspire to higher standard – modelling by the higher years.” – QLD Parent

Discovering a community of like-minded girls

While social media has its benefits like staying connected with friends and sharing important life moments with a wider community, nothing quite compares to the in-person bonds and moments shared with like-minded people. At the AGC, girls have the opportunity to make friends outside of their regular schooling environment, and bond over a mutual love of singing. Unlike the school yard where making friends is often situational, our choristers all share common interest as their connection point, rather than merely being in the same place at the same time. This shared interest creates a sense of community and belonging, which parents continually marvel at and attribute to their reason for re-enrolling their daughters.

“It has been particularly special to stay until her Year 12 year – to reap the benefits of growing up in the choir and truly enjoy basking in the friendships and confidence she has gained.” – QLD Parent

“The fun, friendships away from the schoolyard, performing arts education, mentorship and role modelling, coupled with the professionalism and opportunities gained from being an AGC chorister have kept us coming back year, after year.” – QLD Parent

Inspiring female role-models of all ages

The AGC’s focus on role modelling and mentoring is an element of our program that sets us apart from similar organisations, with 100% of opportunities held by girls and women, even in our Executive Leadership Team. With the breadth of ages in the choir ranging from 5-18, naturally our senior choristers become role models for our junior choristers, particularly on concert days and rehearsals where our choristers share the stage and have the chance to bond over a shared love of music.

In a formalised sense, leadership positions and mentoring opportunities exist for girls in Year 6 and above, and recognising and celebrating choristers who display drive, commitment, dedication, and leadership. This element of our program serves to inspire, encourage and set an example for fellow peers and younger choristers, and most importantly, amplify the message that girls can take the lead.

 “In the time Ruby has been with AGC she has become a confident teenager who has developed her voice as a leader at school and her enjoyment singing in the choir and solo activities outside the choir. I credit AGC with creating a wonderful learning environment filling our young girls with the confidence to be amazing everyday.” – ACT Parent 

“Everything we teach her to value in life is echoed in and complemented by her AGC education: confidence, leadership, focus, teamwork, friendships, and fun.” – VIC Parent

Pride in presentation 

Unlike the world of social media where the confidence of teenagers is guided by filters and digital distortion, the AGC aims for choristers to feel comfortable in their own authentic skin. While presentation is a focus in our curriculum, we define this as focusing on ‘performance ready’ skills, including posture, standing tall and proud, taking pride in appearance, and practicing open body language. Our experience shows that when girls feel confident and ‘performance ready’, they also feel more equipped when it comes to public speaking – a transferrable skill to set them up for career success!

“She has widened her circle of friends and we see so many benefits crossing over to her confidence at school, especially in public speaking.” – NSW Parent

“Friendships, presentation skills and social etiquette is built into every level of the choir. She gets such enormous joy out of singing and preparing for performances with her peers along with her other favourite part – caring for the younger ones and making sure they feel good and a part of the bigger picture.” – WA Parent

Whether your daughter already feels comfortable on the stage, or she is shy and needs a nurturing environment where she can build her confidence, the AGC offers a supportive learning space where girls can grow into the best versions of themselves. More than just a music education, we offer an outlet for girls to connect, be challenged and shine.

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