How to nurture creativity in girls

How to nurture creativity in girls
October 2, 2019 Australian Girls Choir

Does your daughter love to sing, dance and act?

Learn how to nurture her creativity in our latest post!

Benefits of a performing arts education

The benefits of a performing arts education go far beyond the stage. By immersing themselves in the performing arts, children blossom creatively and socially while developing crucial life-skills. Parents are always impressed by the ‘hidden curriculum’ of the performing arts – greater confidence, self-esteem, public speaking skills, presentation and team work.

This is because encouraging children to try new things and share their ideas using their bodies, their voice, and their imagination develops resilience and confidence in a non-competitive environment.

You can develop your child’s innate creativity by involving them in activities including:


Singing in a group encourages children to ‘find their voice’ through music in a pleasurable, social activity. Singing has well-known well-being benefits, as it decreases stress, releases endorphins and boosts positive emotions. Singing has also been shown to develop children’s ability to regulate emotion, through self-expression and connecting with song lyrics.

Movement and dance

Movement and dance activities are a wonderful way to help children develop their coordination, body awareness and physical self-confidence in a non-competitive environment. Through the process of learning movement, children become more aware of their bodies and what they are capable of, building up the courage to experiment and push themselves to see what they can achieve with their own body.


By communicating freely with the voice, face, and body, children learn to express ideas with confidence and feel at home in their own skin. Drama also develops presentation and public speaking skills, and teaches children how to confidently address a group.

Create fun and social environments for your child to explore their creativity and make new friends

Young people are spending less time playing physically, creating imaginary games, interacting with parents, and experiencing the performing arts at school. Many are also becoming socially isolated as leisure time is more commonly spent in front of screens.

With the creative arts shrinking in mainstream schools, more and more parents are looking for quality creative outlets for their children. Whether they’re brand new to performing, have done some singing but never tried a dance class, or are confident and experienced performers, seek out ways for your child to develop their creativity in group environments.

Our world class curriculum

The junior curriculum at the Australian Girls Choir is focused on developing performing arts skills in a creative and nurturing environment.

In addition to singing, classes include movement and choreography, drama and speaking, and performance and presentation skills.

Each lesson, girls will develop vocal and musical skills through a variety of warm-ups, singing games and learning new songs. Girls explore their musical creativity, while building basic vocal technique and music terminology. Our staff use world renowned Kodaly and Orff methods to teach musical concepts and enhance repertoire learning.

Throughout the year, all girls learn repertoire for mid-year and end-of-year performances. This is an opportunity for girls to perform for friends and family, build their presentation skills, and experience performing in front of a live audience. Annual Concerts are one of our biggest events each year. Many girls describe the day as ‘the best day of my life’.

Try a free singing class in February at your local rehearsal venue

We are delighted to invite girls to try a complimentary Open Class this February.

Attending an Open Class at your local rehearsal venue is a great way to experience the range of performing arts activities that are offered in our weekly classes.

Open Classes are free, but places are limited. Registration essential to attend.

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