Inspiring the next generation

Inspiring the next generation
February 21, 2024 AGC

As the AGC celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, many of our current and ex-choristers are celebrating milestones and memories with the choir. Whether it be the adventures abroad on International Tours, the dazzling performances at esteemed concert venues across the country, or simply the weeknight rehearsals with friends, there is always a sense of joy felt by AGC choristers past and present when they reflect on their highlights from their time in the AGC.

For ex-choristers Lori Horton and Anna Greenhalgh (VIC 1997), the laughter, songs and friendships formed during their time as AGC choristers have always been treasured moments. Now AGC parents, Lori and Anna have the joy of reliving their choir memories again, and reflect on how the AGC has changed since their time in the choir, and the full circle moment of having their daughters in the same class.

Step Back in Time

When Lori and Anna look back on their time with the AGC, both women point out that what you take away from the AGC isn’t just the exciting moments on stage or the complex repertoire you learn by heart, but how the Choir was pivotal in instilling a strong sense of self-esteem, resilience and teamwork.

“If someone asks me to give a speech or lead a big meeting, with little or no notice, I know that I can do that because of the confidence the AGC instilled in me.” – Anna

“Choir teaches confidence, discipline, perseverance, organisation, leadership, and provides friendships and some of the most amazing performance opportunities in a safe and positive environment” – Lori

These are the skills that now, over 20 years later, both Lori and Anna have had the joy of seeing develop in their daughters, Maliah and Izzy, who are both commencing their first year in Performing Choir – our most senior performance group.

A full circle moment

“As an ex-chorister and her mum, knowing firsthand the opportunities that will come her way is truly wonderful and exciting. Having the choir in common, we have always had magical bond between us and for that we are just so lucky and grateful.” – Lori

Having Izzy and Maliah attend concerts and rehearsals with such joy and passion is a constant reminder for Anna and Lori of the happy memories of choir they made together; memories that they know their daughters will also have the opportunity to make and treasure for life.

“To now have both of our daughters Maliah and Izzy make it into the Performing Choir together, just as we did, is like history repeating which is really quite fitting and special.” – Lori

“Similar to me, Izzy loves being around others who love singing as much as she does… it’s like the next generation coming full circle!” – Anna

“It played such a massive part in my life and in the formation of who I am today… I want her to have the chance to experience the same opportunities.” – Anna

Same Path, Different Journeys

Of course, some things are bound to change after 20 years! Costumes have adopted a more contemporary style, and elaborate performance hairstyles of choristers today are almost as eye catching as the sharp choreography and repertoire that continues to captivate our audiences. Yet, Anna and Lori agree that truthfully, the essence of what choir is about has remained the same.

“Choir was the absolute highlight of my week, where I could be just me and surround myself with friends who loved me just as I was” – Anna

Both Lori and Anna value how the choir continues to provide a welcoming environment for girls and young women to try new things without fear of judgement. Maliah and Izzy agree that the AGC helps foster lifelong friendships that thrive through shared creativity and working as a team to achieve a collective goal.

I Still Call AGC Home

As the AGC grows and evolves, the commitment of our tutors and staff to continue inspiring and supporting choristers on an individual level is not lost on either Anna or Lori, who recall the sense of community created in choir back in the ‘90s is still just as strong today.

“The friendships, opportunities, sense of belonging, support and encouragement from tutors and other choristers. I really felt at home, seen and heard at choir.” – Lori

“The AGC was the place that I felt I could be myself without fear of judgement… Singing was an avenue for me to express myself, let my voice shine (literally and figuratively), and just have fun!” – Anna

With so many opportunities for mentorship and positive role modelling in the AGC – from concert days, to Tours, to ‘In-Venue Sorellas (our senior chorister mentor program) – it is truly special to see the long lasting connections and bonds that choir has helped to form, and continues to foster 40 years later.

We can’t wait to share more special stories like this one with you in our 40th Birthday year!

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