Why do parents choose to enrol their daughter in the Australian Girls Choir?

Why do parents choose to enrol their daughter in the Australian Girls Choir?
May 21, 2024 AGC

Why do parents choose to enrol their daughter in the Australian Girls Choir?

Does she sing and dance around the house, creating impromptu shows for your family and friends? Or maybe she’s a bit shy and could benefit from a nurturing environment where she can flourish and grow?

No matter where your daughter is in her performing arts journey, the Australian Girls Choir is where all girls who are aged 5 and up can increase their musical aptitude with encouragement and training, all while making lifelong friends.

There are many reasons parents choose to enrol their daughters in the AGC and this is the perfect time to get your daughter started. Find out why by coming along to a free trial class during our June Open Day!

girl singing in choir

High quality music education

Over 85% of parents believe we provide excellent music education and would recommend us to others.

“Being able to pitch, audiate, memorise material and sing with rhythmic precision and expression are essential musical skills. The way that AGC teach and facilitate this learning is of high quality, incredibly engaging and most importantly really fun!” – NSW Parent

In the weekly lessons we focus on a variety of vocal and physical warm-ups, singing activities and repertoire learning, allowing girls to explore their musical creativity while they develop vocal technique and a good understanding of music terminology. In addition to singing, our curriculum also includes movement and dance, musicianship and aural development, theatrical communication and drama basics, performance practice and team building. Lesson plans are in place to ensure the highest quality music education all while building genuine connections with each other.

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Much more than just singing

There is extensive research showing that music and arts educational experiences have significant positive impacts on a students’ overall wellbeing and academic performance.

“I had wanted to enrol my daughter in The AGC primarily for music education and to foster an enjoyment of singing and performing, however it turned out to be so much more than that – character building, engaging, and confidence boosting as well as an opportunity for her to forge likeminded and wholesome friendships. My daughter loves being a member of the AGC and so do we.” – NSW Parent

A research article on The Arts and Australian Education: Realising potential 2010 has found that music education enhances children’s social and emotional development in addition to their cognitive development. The results of the research conclude that those involved in arts-rich education programs demonstrate positive achievements in reading, language and mathematics development as well as improvements in effective social behaviours.

role modelling

“Enrolling our daughter in AGC was the best decision we ever made”

What sets us apart from similar organisations is our focus on mentoring and role modelling as a vital aspect of our program. Positive role models inspire and motivate young learners to develop, grow and focus on self-improvement. This is why our senior choristers become positive and aspirational role models to our junior choristers, who delight in learning from the more experienced performers. One of the foundational characteristics of the choir is the ‘big girl, little girl’ relationships that blossom as a result of concert days and in-class mentoring.

“AGC provides a lot of important elements missing from school life and a lot of other extracurricular activities. Respect, presentation, fairness, responsibility, etc. Enrolling our daughter in AGC was the best decision we ever made as I truly believe it has helped to shape the wonderful young lady she has become.” – VIC Parent

Parents and alumni have often voiced that the AGC is a safe and inclusive space outside of school where likeminded girls can bond over a shared passion for music. Our tutors provide positive reinforcement and guidance so that girls are able grow their confidence whilst developing a wide range of performing arts and life skills.

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Try a free class at our June Open Day

Experience the curriculum in action at a free class!  Attendance is free but places are limited so registration is essential to attend.