Ask another parent ‘Why AGC?’

Ask another parent ‘Why AGC?’
February 1, 2022 AGC

Ask another parent why you might enrol your daughter in the Australian Girls Choir

She might sing and dance around the house creating performances for family and friends.
She might lack confidence and need a nurturing environment where she can grow.

All girls aged five and up can find a place to develop performing arts and presentation skills, while they have fun and make friends.

There are many reasons parents choose to enrol their daughters in the AGC and this is the perfect time to get your daughter started. Find out why and come along to our February Open Day!

Excellent music education

92% of parents believe we provide excellent music education and would recommend us to others.

 “We want Maddie to have an excellent and engaging music education. She loves to sing but lacks confidence and can be highly anxious. To see her walk onto stage and sing and perform the choreography has been amazing for us because she struggles to even speak in front of her teacher let alone her whole class.”                                         
Brisbane parent

Through a variety of vocal and physical warm-ups, singing games and repertoire learning, girls explore their musical creativity in weekly lessons while building basic vocal technique and music terminology. In addition to singing, classes also include dance and choreography, drama and speaking, and performance and presentation skills. Our tutors provide positive reinforcement and regular feedback so that girls grow confidence while developing skills.

Singing and so much more

There is considerable research showing that music and the arts are central to students’ academic improvement and engagement with school and in wider society.

“AGC has provided a diverse range of skills to my daughters beyond just performance and stage presence. It has built leadership, social, emotional skills as well as commitment, confidence and a sense of joy and friendship. I also believe the music skills supports their academic performance as they use both the left and right side of their brains in unison.”
Sarah Change – Sydney parent

 An extensive study documented in the Journal of Educational Psychology 2020 has found that students who studied music in primary school and into high school were almost one year ahead of their non-musically trained peers in their Maths, Science and English.

“We cannot recommend the AGC enough”

Our focus on mentoring and role modelling is an aspect of our program that sets us apart from similar organisations. Our senior choristers become positive and aspirational role models to our junior choristers, who delight in learning from the more experienced performers. One of the foundational characteristics of the choir is the ‘big girl, little girl’ relationships that blossom as a result of concert days and in-class mentoring.

“AGC is a non-judgemental inclusive environment. It’s one of the most well run organisations we have had the pleasure to be part of. The girls are empowered with responsibility for themselves and others through the amazing mentoring between the year groups. We cannot recommend the AGC enough.”
The Ewing family from Sydney

Parents comment on how rewarding it is for their daughter to have a place outside regular schooling where they bond with other girls over a common interest in music. Lesson plans are in place to create a fun and inclusive environment where girls feel free to be themselves. This sees them come away with a community of female friendships that last a lifetime.

Try a free class at our February Open Day

There are so many reasons to try a FREE CLASS at Open Day this February.

Join us for a complimentary class, meet our lovely tutors and experience what it’s like to be a part of the Australian Girls Choir! Attendance is free but places are limited so registration is essential to attend.

For further details about Open Day, venue locations and class timetables, please see our Open Day page.

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