How Harmony Happens: Peer Behind the Curtain at the AGC

How Harmony Happens: Peer Behind the Curtain at the AGC
May 13, 2024 AGC

How Harmony Happens: Peer Behind the Curtain at the AGC

You might recognise us from the iconic Qantas ‘I Still Call Australia Home’ advertisements, watched us perform at Carols by Candlelight, or heard us sing on ABC Radio. But what really goes on behind the curtain at the Australian Girls Choir, and what draws thousands of parents to enrol their daughters with us every year?

Choirs often carry misconceptions, but at the AGC we understand the transformative power of engaging in the performing arts. That’s why we’re eager to unveil some of the behind-the-scenes magic. Whether your daughter loves to sing and dance or is a little more on the shy side, we champion diversity at the AGC and aim to help children blossom through the performing arts.

Curious to learn more? Come and witness the AGC firsthand at our June Open Day.

A space to grow

The founding philosophy behind the AGC is that every child can cultivate their singing talent with the right guidance and encouragement. From our junior@agc levels to our senior levels, our experienced tutors create an inclusive environment where choristers can flourish both as performers and individuals. Research in neuroimaging demonstrates the cognitive benefits of singing and fostering improved learning by strengthening the connection between both sides of the brain, improving communication skills in children. Here at the AGC, it doesn’t end there! Through weekly sessions, your daughter will not only grasp the essentials of choral singing and the benefits it offers, but they will also learn musicality through movement and dance.

“We enrol our daughter in the AGC because we believe in the high-quality music expertise of the tutors as well as the very good reputation of AGC in building a generation of confident, fun-loving, and responsible youth.” – Flint, WA Parent

Creating confident children

The AGC is a nurturing environment that helps girls build their confidence, social skills, presentation skills and public speaking abilities. Therefore it is not a prerequisite or expectation that your daughter is naturally a confident performer – leave that to us! We provide all choristers with at least two stage performance opportunities annually, offering them opportunities to refine their skills and showcase their talents. Our mid-year and end-of-year concerts give choristers a milestone to work towards while allowing them the time to hone and practice their skills so they feel confident on stage. In addition to our AGC Concert Seasons, we also perform throughout the year at events and functions, providing selected choristers with additional performance experiences. Many parents praise the choir for helping bring their daughter out of her shell.

“The role modelling, mentoring and leadership development provided, in addition to an exceptional level of performing arts training; coupled with the friendships and sense of belonging within a community separate from schoolyard challenges, are aspects that truly set AGC apart.” – Rachel, QLD Parent

Finding harmony through friendships

At the AGC we bring together girls from all over Australia with a common interest – Singing! Friendship is one of the lifelong benefits of involvement in the AGC. Our strong AGC Alumni are a testament to the bonds created through choir lasting a lifetime. Our lesson plans create a fun and creative environment where girls are encouraged to be themselves and connect with other like-minded choristers.

It’s Ruby’s favourite day of the week when she comes together with like-minded people to have fun, sing and dance. It has been particularly special to stay until her Year 12 year – to reap the benefits of growing up in the choir and truly enjoy basking in the friendships and confidence she has gained.” – Katie, QLD Parent

Empowering young leaders

Embedded within our program at the AGC and an aspect we take great pride in, is our focus on mentoring and role modelling for our junior choristers. One of the foundational characteristics of the choir is the ‘big girl, little girl’ relationships that develop as a result of concert days and in-class mentoring. Our senior choristers are aspirational role models for our junior choristers, who delight in learning from the more experienced performers. There are also opportunities for the girls to step into leadership roles within the choir, preparing themselves to be strong, confident and successful young women.

Quite simply, she loves singing, but one-on-one singing lessons could never give her what the AGC can: fun, friendships, performance opportunities, role models,  female solidarity and the sheer realisation of the powerful magic you create when you work as a team.” – Daniela Andrews, VIC Parent

With the curtain raised on the inner workings of the AGC, we invite you to come along and witness the magic firsthand. We are now taking bookings for our upcoming June Open Day. Join us for a complimentary class, meet our dedicated tutors, and immerse yourself in the Australian Girls Choir experience! Attendance is free, but spots are limited, so early registration is advised.

Please see our Open Day page for further details about the Open Day, venue locations and class timetables.