Welcome from the CEO

Welcome from the CEO
February 1, 2017 Australian Girls Choir

Dear Parents and Girls,

33 years ago Judith Curphey founded the Australian Girls Choir; in her wildest dreams she didn’t imagine that her little choir would grow into this vibrant organisation. We head into 2017 with confidence that we will continue to provide a learning environment in which girls of all ages can thrive.

We warmly welcome new girls and parents to the AGC and we’re genuinely pleased to be welcoming so many families back for another year of singing, dancing and performing.

We take all feedback seriously and just last week held three days of planning meetings at which time we reviewed parent survey results and other correspondence in which we were asked to consider doing things differently. In addition to constructive criticism we enjoyed having the opportunity to read the many and varied reasons why parents enrol their daughters, they include:

  • AGC offers my daughter a high quality music and performance education. Rehearsals are fun, dynamic and disciplined. The staff are caring, energetic, knowledgeable and passionate. All of this combined leads to a polished, exciting performance the children are so proud of.
  • She simply loves it! She had had many opportunities she would never have had to be involved in, especially the opportunity to tour internationally and experience different cultures and performance venues and environments.
  • It is such a wonderful organisation to be part of. The benefits to our daughter from belonging to the AGC will be with her long after she has left.  This is her 7th year with the AGC and it has been wonderful to watch the growth in her on and off stage.  As parents we are proud to say she belongs to the AGC.

Please stay informed about all things AGC via your eNewsletters and the AGC App, Instagram and Facebook. For those of you who are yet to learn about other ASPA (Australian School of Performing Arts) related activities please do:

  • Check out ASPA – The Australian School of Performing Arts as we offer a wide variety of programs nationally including: professional development for teachers, music and dance classes in schools and alternative education settings sessions, and
  • Read about Girls from Oz – this is the charity partner to the AGC and is a program in which many of our team members work with Indigenous girls in remote parts of Australia.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy being part of the AGC community this year.

Nicole Muir